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Do you provide recording services?
No. FASS will arrange for the loan documents to be signed, notarized and delivered to your desired location. Typically, the recording of the documents is coordinated through the closing and/or title officer.

Where do I send the documents, and how soon are they returned to me?
The loan document package is either delivered to the signing location or to the notary, ideally the day before the scheduled appointment. Loan documents are returned to a predetermined location of your choice the following business day, provided the signing appointment was completed prior to the overnight courier’s final drop off time. Please note it is very important to include a pre-addressed, overnight courier envelope in your original loan document package. As part of our service, our notaries will drop off the package at the nearest overnight courier location.

How will I know when my appointment is set?
If you have an established FASSNotary login ID and password, you will be able to track the status of all of your current transactions. If you order your signings via facsimile, we will fax a confirmation to you. As always, if you have any questions, please call our customer services representatives.

What software/hardware do I need to use FASSNotary?
For a full list of requirements to use this site, please go to our requirements page. Following is a summary of the requirements found on that page.

The minimum system requirements for FASSNotary are:

  • Any HTML 3.2 and SSL compliant Web browser
The recommended system requirements for FASSNotary are: Top

What broswers are supported by FASSNotary?

The following browsers are supported:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0+
  • Netscape 7.0+
  • Firefox 0.8+
  • Mozilla 1.3+

All operating system platforms are supported for use with these browsers except for IE for Mac due to Microsoft's decision to stop its development (the official Microsoft press release can be reviewed here).

For best performance:

  • JavaScript must be enabled on all browsers
  • Caching on Internet Explorer must be activated
  • Browser scripting on Internet Explorer must be enabled

FASSNotary keeps asking me to log in/my browser keeps wanting to send me a 'cookie'.
Cookies are used throughout FASSNotary to monitor the user as they move around the site. This prevents the user from having to log in to every page.

FASSNotary's cookies do not store any sensitive information, such as your user ID or password, and they are destroyed as soon as you logoff, or leave FASSNotary idle for 30 minutes. Despite much media speculation, cookies are benign and harmless to your PC. Cookies can not deliver viruses, nor gather private information from your machine.

For further information on cookies and security, please visit Cookie Central. Some quotes from that site:

  • "The [government] report stressed that there's a sense of paranoia involved with cookies, cookies cannot harm your computer or pass on private information such as an email address"
  • "No files are destroyed or compromised by cookies"
It is highly recommended that you enable and accept cookies when using FASSNotary.

My question is not covered in this FAQ! How do I report a bug/typo/make a suggestion on FASSNotary?
We are always looking to improve this service, and welcome your feedback. Write us!