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About FASS

We are First American Signature Services, a division of First American Mortgage Solutions. We provide a nationwide database of independent notaries public, who have been accepted into our FASSNotary database to provide loan document signing services. Our service includes:
  • Appointment scheduling and confirmation
  • Signing completion tracking
  • Billing directly to the escrow file, or lender
  • Notary payment services.
We require the following information to open a signing order:
  • Borrower's name and address (assuming the borrower(s) will be the signer(s))
  • Escrow or loan identification number
  • Anticipated signing location
  • Anticipated signing date.
This information may be communicated to our scheduling team via phone, fax, or, by using our FASSNotary scheduling software to place an order. Utilizing our real-time link to WebTrack, we can also automatically retrieve all of this information. We will confirm the signing appointment with a notary within 2 hours of receiving the order.